Fulfilment Automation

Save minutes and money on every order

Shipping automation is the most effective way to deliver great shipping experiences. Use powerful fulfilment automation software to reduce handling time and create packing slips, shipping manifests and customs documentation. Get more orders out, faster.

A Centralised system for multi-channel sales

Integrate with Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Shopify plus many more and manage all online orders in a single platform.

Also, set re-order points and get updates on the stock level to avoid out-of-stock situations, all from one central order management system.

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Generate shipping labels

Generate shipping
labels with ease

With just one click, generate shipping labels that you can print directly to your thermal printer or download as a PDF. Print them all at once – or one at a time. Use a barcode scanner? Just scan your packing slip to automatically print a label.

Common dashboard

Get a quick overview of all your sales orders in a single dashboard. See how many orders are new, In Progress, Shipped, or delivered.

Automatic packing slips

Once you've confirmed each sales order, convert it into a packing slip with just one click. The details are imported automatically, and you can save the slip, print it, or send it to the customer via email.


Integrated shipping carriers

Integrate with more than 40 shipping carriers to manage your shipments across the globe conveniently, quickly, and without switching tabs.

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40+ shipping carriers

Measure channel performance.

Get insights into how well a selling channel performs and you can make better decisions about where to spend your time and money.

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Automate and manage the flow of data across your entire business