Streamline your shipping with Supply Lens and DPD integration

Say goodbye to shipping headaches with Supply Lens and DPD integration. Our platform makes it easy to print labels and book shipments, all in one place.

Supply Lens connects your online stores to your DPD account

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All your orders

A complete, up to date view of all your orders from all your stores

All your couriers

Connect unlimited courier accounts

Grows with your business

Supply Lens is designed to compliment your workflow and make providing a great delivery experience easier

Take command of your online orders

Do you need help managing your orders and shipments? View everything in one place on the Supply Lens dashboard - organised, error-free, and sync!

Book shipments and print labels in a few clicks

Save your money, time and hair-pulling frustration by printing labels in bulk quickly without mistakes.

Print DPD labels and book collections from Supply Lens

Are you looking for a way to optimise your business operations while offering exceptional customer service? Our platform helps to streamline your processes, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction, giving you an edge over your competitors.

Scale the way your business ships

Automate your shipping process

Minimise human error and time spent on manual entry so you can focus on the important things, like growing your busness

Save time answering customer queries

Customer service is tedious work. Empower customers to track their parcels, saving you a lot of questions and support time down the line.

Smooth order fulfilment

Streamline order fulfilment which will eliminate cancelled order scenarios. Also, changes made to order status and shipments are updated automatically.

Connect to DPD in minutes

Establishing a connection with the Supply Lens platform is a straightforward three-step process, ensuring a seamless transition between the platforms with minimal effort.

Step 01

Create your account

It's quick, easy, and we have a plan, no matter how much you ship.

Step 02

Connect to DPD

Book shipments & print labels in a few clicks‍

Step 03

Save on your very first shipment

Updates your store and sends tracking numbers‍

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