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What is Peppol

What is Peppol?

The network and document specifications integrate global business processes by standardising how information is structured and exchanged.

Peppol is not just a portal or a service provider. Instead, it serves as an enabler. Through Peppol-accredited service providers, any organisation can transmit and receive business documents on the Peppol Network.

With Peppol, closed networks are a thing of the past. You can now connect with any Peppol-enabled organisation, regardless of their location.

How do I join the PEPPOL network?

To send business documents via the PEPPOL network, you must meet specific requirements:
Step 01

Connect to a PEPPOL access point.

A certified PEPPOL partner, known as an access point, has the authorisation to connect you to the PEPPOL network.

Step 02

Reach all PEPPOL users

Easily connect to over 300 access points, regardless of which one you choose.

Peppol Access Point

Supply Lens has opened up new opportunities for businesses seeking an efficient connection to the Peppol Network by becoming a certified Peppol Access Point Service Provider.

Companies can benefit from features such as:

Automated onboarding
Simplified supplier management
Seamless integration with other applications

Peppol Service Metadata Publisher (SMP)

Every organisation must communicate its receiving capabilities, such as the supported document types and business processes. An SMP communicates this information.

Signing up with Supply Lens means:

Management of your Peppol receivers
Enabling automated discovery and access to services
Web dashboard with an intuitive interface
Peppol SMP

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