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The SMP of Peppol plays a crucial role in its infrastructure as it allows businesses to find and communicate with their partners on the network easily.

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What is a Peppol SMP?

A Peppol SMP, a Service Metadata Publisher, is a critical decentralised directory service within the Peppol infrastructure. Service providers, rather than end-users, usually manage these SMPs.

The SMP keeps track of the participants and their abilities by storing the following information:

Participant metadata, including name and Peppol identifiers.
Document type receiving capabilities.
Which Access Points the participant uses to receive each document type?
Endpoints for receivers send primary documents to URLs, including those specified.
Peppol SMP

Do I need an SMP?

If your company only sends documents, you need an Access Point. However, if you receive documents, you'll need an SMP.
Reason 01

Full functionality for service providers and public sector organizations

Businesses of any size and type can benefit from the Peppol network by adopting an SMP.

Reason 02

Instant Peppol compliance

The SMP gives details on the message formats and communication requirements needed by each participant in the network.

Reason 03

Global Dashboard

A reliable SMP should have a user-friendly interface that simplifies managing your invoicing process.

Reason 04

Fully hosted in the Supply Lens ecosystem

By using Supply Lens SMP, you are obtaining a self-contained solution and a fully integrated platform within the larger supply chain ecosystem.

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